Welcome to Apples Equestrian

Where understanding is the key to success

Tommy and Bella At Apples Equestrian, we believe that the more one understands horses and ponies - how they like to live, their survival instincts, their needs and how they view the world - the better one's relationship will be with them.

Learn what their reactions mean; why they behave in certain ways; then ultimately learn how to speak to them in their language. Communicate with them in their own way.

A fascinating and rewarding experience, which can help you overcome any fear and help you on the right road to communicating and working with them, using trust and respect rather than fear and dominance.

We offer a variety of lessons, both on and off the horse, tailored to your specific needs or the needs of your child. Make your relationship with horses and ponies an equal partnership without dominance on either side!

We believe in quality over quantity, and we offer lessons and services tailored to your specific needs. We have a very flexible approach to your needs, so please feel free to talk to us about your needs and allow to find a programme that works for you.



Entrance to Apples EquestrianPony Days

Come and own a pony for a day or even a week or bring your own horse and join in and make some new friends while you are here. Read more.

Riding Lessons and Stable Management Lessons

We run various horse riding lessons and stable managements lessons. Read more.

Opening hours

11am – 1pm – riding/stable management, half hour or one hour sessions.

3pm – 6.30pm – riding/stable management, half hour or one hour sessions.


I can be very flexible with times of lessons, especially when travelling to you and your horse.